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Hurricane Harvey Houston Preventative Measures

Yes we are now in that time of year called Hurricane Season! Safety is always a key concern and we will have you folks in our thoughts and prayers. I have taught many years ago that it is not just the hurricane damage that affects your property but also the after effects with all the standing water and excess humidity. Mold contamination and bacteria can grow at alarming rates. Excess water and humidity is like putting gas to the fire.

It is important once you come back to your property to effectively dry out all the areas and remove all water damage and mold contents. Calling a professional is highly recommended (in Harvey’s case 36 + inches of water and then some is a large mass of water). The excess relative humidity will begin to cause a lot of mold growth and contamination that can cause just as much damage as the flood.

Insurance companies and adjusters will be scrambling so do not wait sometimes it takes days or weeks to see damage.
Document everything with pictures, video, and keep all receipts of any urgent repairs.

Note you do not have to choose the restoration company the insurance company recommends usually national franchise chains. You can choose your own make sure they are licensed, certified, trained, established companies
Do not hire out of state contractors they won’t be there after they get their check! If it is a necessity, ask restoration companies and independent assessors for their current active certifications for training.
When going back to your property be prepared to wear proper safety gear such as HEPA mask Niosh N-95 or better, gloves, Tyvek coverall suit. Etc.
Be careful of electrical wires and the water supply sewerage, drinking water, etc. Drink bottled water.
Andy Provitola –CMC
Environmental Resources LLC

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