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Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

  • There are many types of air particulate that move around in our homes and offices. We buy products,furniture,home goods, and furnishings that most of us do not know what the materials or chemicals they are made from. It has also been said, “that we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors that can affect the quality of our indoor living lifestyles”. Particles like dust, pollen, mold, dander, fibers, odors, etc. can produce allergy triggers that can cause you discomfort. I often get calls from people who immediately think they have a mold problem. Why do you think you have mold? Usually mold is produced from water damage, water leaks, flooding, excess moisture and high relative humidity over 60%.

    No signs of water damage or leaks, no chemical smells, but the house is full of dust, insect and mice droppings, old storage and furniture with films of dust found in all the hidden places behind & underneath furniture, headboards, tops of picture frames, door frames, top sides of ceiling fan paddles, and very high shelves that rarely get cleaned. The vacuum cleaner is rarely used because we are all legitimately busy and continue to remind ourselves with notes that we will get around to eventually cleaning the areas of concern.

    Before spending money having all kinds of testing conducted indoors which can get expensive, I have a few suggestions as pro-active preventative measures:

    A Good General House Cleaning

    Clean from top to bottom. Use a soap or detergent. Some use an anti-microbial disinfectant cleaner which can combat, mold, bacteria, odors, virus, etc.

    Use a Quality HEPA Vacuum

    Vacuum the floors, carpets, difficult areas and high spaces. Remember, if you hire a cleaner have them use your vacuum. You don’t know where there vacuum has been! I have had cases where clients had severe allergy triggers the next day after the house cleaner arrived the day before.

    Dust Thoroughly the entire House

    Use a good Swiffer or Dust Rag. Dust the difficult high places such as shelves or cabinets and hidden places underneath or behind bureaus, furniture. Tops of ceiling fan paddles, picture frames, and where necessary.

    Invest in Quality HEPA Air Purification
    To help clean the air in your space of dust, allergens, mold, fibers, dander, odors, etc. Use them often and move them around because they work!

    A good general cleaning of the basement once a year is recommended. Dust can accumulate fast. While you’re at it some of that storage may need to got hats been sitting there for years. Give it away, have a yard sale or donate it to a local charitable cause

    Should there be some chronic problem with your indoor air quality then it is recommended to call a professional who is trained, certified with experience.

    Andy Provitola CMC,IEP
    Environmental Resources
    316 Washington Street
    Norwell, MA 02061

    Independent Mold Assessments

    Mold inspections and mold testing are an important part of the process to determine the extent of a mold contamination problem, especially when it may involve professional mold removal. Too often a mold remediation contractor will try to conduct their own testing or exaggerate an inspection claiming the mold is very extensive when in reality it may not be extensive in the nature and scope of the problem at all. For example, Environmental Resources does not remediate mold or remove toxic mold in homes or businesses. We are an independent consulting firm providing professional environmental inspection services for mold and (IAQ) indoor air quality issues. A real estate company or the potential buyer will call us stating, “There was a home inspection and dark or black stains or what looked like mold fungi species was indicated”. (A mold company was in prior to us coming for inspection proposing a very high cost estimate for mold removal after the buyer called a mold remediation company in Boston MA area).

    An independent visual inspection utilizing the latest instruments and tools to determine water leaks and moisture issues for the source of the problem. Mold sampling was conducted with the inspection and it was determined that the extent of the mold problem or mold damage was not as severe or extensive as was told to the homeowner by the remediation company. The mold assessment was conducted by an independent party and does not remediate (clean) mold which brought assurance and peace of mind to the homebuyer and seller because there was no conflict of interest. The suspect area for mold did need some mold remediation but was not as extensive as first claimed. It is always beneficial to have at least two or three estimates from companies who a qualified, trained, and certified from an independent body. Ask how long they have been remediating mold which may be less than how long they have been in business. Several contractors have jumped on the “Mold Rush” bandwagon so do your homework!

    Independent mold assessments also help insurance claims and insurance adjusters to provide non bias independent professional opinions of indoor mold growth. Many homeowners deal with floods and water leaks in disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, heavy┬árainfall and high relative humidity which happens often in the Boston, Massachusetts and Cape Cod areas along the entire coast from Maine to Cape Cod. High relative humidity and moisture to mold spores is like putting gasoline on a fire which flares up and spreads the problem even more. Water problems need to be addressed within 24 to 48 hours for the best results for mold prevention and its microbial growth indoors. Our philosophy is that, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” or “Do it the right way when it comes to a standard of care or don’t do it at all”! A certified trained professional mold inspector providing mold inspections and mold testing may end up saving $1000’s thousands of dollars in the long run along with peace of mind and assurance. If you think you have a mold problem or are not sure because the mold may be hidden behind a wall or underneath a floor then call a professional. Serving Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket Islands.

    Andy Provitola CMC-Certified Microbial Consultant
    Environmental Resources LLC
    316 Washington Street
    Norwell, MA 02061


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