The Value of Mold Testing

What is the value of mold testing? Too often I have heard that if you see the mold just get rid of it!

This is true to a certain extent however, what if you can smell the mold but can’t see it? There is a strong musty mold odor or some form of dampness. I agree if you see the mold get rid of it and/or have the mold treated, but what about mold that may be hidden or undetected? Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye that are airborne. Just because walls, ceilings, or floors are not moist does not indicate that mold spores are not present. Every building have some forms of mold, we are looking for unusual or excessive mold growth.

The value of mold sampling is Threefold:

  • The air testing will determine the mold spore elevations present in the room if they are excessive beyond our natural environment.
  • The air sampling or direct identification will determine the type of mold species such as mycotoxic, pathogenic,or allergenic.
  • The sampling will determine if the mold is growing actively or is dormant. (Dormant mold is known
  • to be allergenic and can still compromise a building or a persons health)

Another value for a professional mold test and inspection is the peace of mind to know your investment and health are not at risk. Our theme is “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

Mold testing is best to be perormed by a professional  independent company or consultant that does not remediate mold to offer a factual unbiased assessment.

All our samples are sent to qualified labs with trained microbiologists. Certified EMPAT AIHA Labs.

Having personal field experience with hundreds of mold inspections and assessments in the past several years there are times when the mold in the building looks worse than what may appear and at other times the room walls and ceiling look clean and innocent only to find that the room has excessive mold in mycotoxic, allergenic in nature.  Although there are currently no federal standards or guidelines regarding results of fungal samples and there are no levels which are typical or permissible there is still value, especially in finding and correcting the source of the mold such as a water or moisture problem.

Environmental Resources provides qualified and trained professionals to provide sampling and protocol in your mold assessment and mold inspection. We serve all of Massachusetts including Greater Boston, North & South Shore, & Cape Cod-Islands.

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