Mold Remediators Clean not Test!

There is a trend lately where several mold remediation companies are testing for mold along with cleaning. Then they go one step further and conduct there own cleaning verification testing to determine if the area i.e. basement was cleaned and treated properly. There is a problem with this picture because there is no accountability and no independent 3rd party to provide an objective factual mold assessment. Too often remediation companies who do their own testing exaggerate and make a claim of their own work or add unnecessary work. i.e. The entire basement walls, floor, needed to be removed, In several cases we were called in it was not the case just excess humidity on the walls with slight surface stains and the walls did not need to be removed! Some cleanup was necessary but not the entire area or walls and floors removed. We have saved homeowners and business thousands in several cases due to unnecessary extensive cleanup. The confusion is happening because there are no federal or state government regulations to set a criteria for Threshold Limit Values.(TLV) for mold testing and verification. There are industry standards for cleaning such as IICRC S520 for mold remedial cleaning and/or EPA guidelines. As for testing there is standards but industry guidance as to what is considered a mold amplification where remedial cleaning becomes necessary. The remedial process should always be to physically remove the mold if at all possible. If that cannot happen then properly treat with EPA registered products such as antimicrobial or anti fungicides etc. All remedial companies should be trained and certified from an independent firm. Ask about the history of their training and current certifications not the 2 hour online course that my pet can obtain! Ask for references, how long have they been conducting mold remedial cleaning, and get more than one estimate to compare expertise. It is not always about the lowest price, but being assured the job is done professionally and done right as a standard of care. Just ask the people who are dealing with mold now after hurricane Sandy in NJ and Staten Island, NY, or those who have experienced flooding.

Andy Provitola CMC-Certified Microbial Consultant
Environmental Resources LLC
316 Washington Street
Norwell, MA 02061