Mold Inspections-Testing in Real Estate

Is buying a house that is under foreclosure really a bargain? Most banks and mortgage companies will try to sell in an ‘as is’ condition, but you may want to consider having a professional mold inspection, mold testing, and moisture assessment to determine if the property is really worth it. Due to the overstock of foreclosed properties in recent months ‘mold has become a hot topic in the real estate’ industry. Toxic mold has become the new environmental issue and has become a problem for the seller and the buyer. That musty moldy odor smell may not be just a damp basement with mold growing due to standing water in a basement or a severe leaking roof that has still yet to be repaired for several months!. Many banks do not even know what kind of condition the properties are in and how distressed they may be. These conditions may have been here for months and perhaps a few years. These foreclosed houses are not properly winterized and the pipes burst only to have excessive water damage and mold running down several floors and walls and down into the basement.

Relative humidity have caused excess mold fungi to grow. As you walk through a property those stains that you see on the walls or ceilings may be indicating mold growth. Mold fungi grows in many forms and colors such as black, orange, greenish, white etc. and usually in a wet damp environment.
What can I do now and be assured that I am not buying a property that will lose value or become a health risk such as asthma, allergies, or a sinus condition?

Hiring a trained certified profession to conduct a mold assessment and mold testing can help you to determine if the property is habitable and give you peace of mind. Environmental Resources LLC is aware of the mold and water problems today. Using the latest state of the art technology which includes sampling, moisture readings, and/or Thermal Infrared Imaging to help with leak detection. Mold is mold whether it is mycotoxic, pathogenic, or allergenic it is not a respecter of buildings and houses. It seeks fruited organic sources to grow and deteriorate the porous materials.

Our theme is “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, so before you go to list that property or consider buying a home that has any signs or symptoms of mold, hire a professional to conduct a quality mold and moisture inspection. Environmental Resources has trained certified professionals to point you in the right direction. We are independent consultants and give you an objective view because we do not remediate or remove mold. Serving all of southern New England.

Andy Provitola CMC-Certified Microbial Consultant
Environmental Resources LLC
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